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The company headquarters are located in Tirana, Albania. Energal as a company and all of its employees, consider ourselves as global citizens, thus it is our duty to offer a more sustainable way of life for the generations to come. We are currently aiming to expand our involvement in the hydropower sector in Albania in order to increase the impact of the renewable energy in our daily lives, thus helping the world we live in one step at a time.

HC Orgjost is situated on the 10th kilometre of Kukes-Orgjost Road, Kukes, Albania.
The construction phase for HC Orgjost took 24 months, starting from March 2011 until March 2013. ORGJOST SHPP has been in production since April 2013. The total certified capital/construction costs of the project are € 5,400,000. ORGJOST SHPP has a total annual power generation estimate of 19,500,000 kwh.

HC Orgjost turbines main data:
Technical Data Unit 1 Unit 2
Nominal Power 2402 kw 2402 kw
Output Tate Voltage 6,000 v
Turbine Type Francis
Nominal Speed 750 rpm
Net Heat 85,42 m
Gross Head 90.10 m
Flow rate 3,25 m3/s 3,25 m3/s
Runaway Speed 1.768 rpm
Axial direction Horizontal
Wicket Gate Number 12
Runner Blade Number 13